This is Flundran!

Fred likes playing as a social engagement focusing more on having a good time than on competing and winning. Likes most kind of games with a special affinity for water, worker placement and pretty colors. May not always agree with mechanics in games or the need to build houses.

Quick stats

Sessions won: 35
Sessions played: 165
Winning percentage: 21%
Why do you have to know the game to win the game?

The favourites

1. Crisis
2. Root
3. Oceans

Top rated

1. Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy 9.00
2. Crisis 9.00
3. Oceans 9.00

Top wins by Flundran!

1. Oceans 8
2. Thug Life 3
3. Euphoria 2
4. Blueprints 2
5. Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition 1

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Top plays by Flundran!

1. Oceans 14
2. Evolution 8
3. Crisis 8
4. Thug Life 7
5. Red Outpost 6

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Blog posts by Flundran!

1.   The lure of Rapa Nui by Flundran Giants 2020-09-16
2.   All is good in Axia by Flundran Crisis 2020-08-26
3.   Let the opionions flow by Flundran 2020-08-20
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