This is Blodkorn!

Blodkorn is a magician of mechanics. He picks up detailed stratgies and the path to victory almost instantly making life hard for all others. He seems to enjoy engine building and games that are about planning a day at Skansen.

Quick stats

Sessions won: 43
Sessions played: 116
Winning percentage: 37%

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Top wins by Blodkorn!

1. Red Outpost 5
2. Crisis 5
3. Siege of the Citadell 3
4. Oceans 3
5. Zombicide 2

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Top plays by Blodkorn!

1. Crisis 8
2. Samurai Sword 7
3. Red Outpost 6
4. Project: ELITE 6
5. Oceans 6

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Blog posts by Blodkorn!

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With black love from

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