Ankh hot take
Cool action selection
Intriguing point collection system
Extremely varied game modes
Messy on the map
Very AP-prone
By Flundran on Ankh at 19 okt
Root Hot Take
Beautiful theme and production
Engaging tactical struggle
Complex system
Messy rulebook
By Flundran on Root at 16 jun
My 5 cents
**The hot take**
Gorgeous production
Intresting turn length budget
Very unbalanced
Mechanics kid of stumped
By Flundran on Tapestry at 15 apr
The hot take
Absolutely gorgeous theme
Clever, inviting game play
Fresh take on deck building
Really bad rule book
By Flundran on Fort at 25 feb
The hot take
Fantastic dice action
Great twist on coop action
Clever dice use in missions
Quite repetative
By Flundran on Project: ELITE at 25 feb
The hot take
Simple core mechanics
Stunning art
Always a little new
A bit hard to get out the juicy parts
By Flundran on Oceans at 23 feb
The hot take
Fantastic tableau building
Nail-biting action selection
Clever semi-coop
Dark theme
By Flundran on Crisis at 23 feb

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