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Årsta (R)Evolutionära Chilinötsällskap is a small game group located south of Stockholm in the fair Sweden. We are a happy group of five more ore less seasoned gamers that meet up weekly to have fun, play and eat nuts.

Last session!

Played at: 2021-11-29
Won by: Robin!

Fall League 2021!

We divide our playing time into some kind of seasons. This is to infuse our gaming with a touch of (mostly) friendly competition. The winner is usaly granted some bragging rights, a beer and uncountable unwarranted stabs in the back the following season. Good times!



We aim to keep track of what we play, when, how and who won. It#&39;s an effort to be consistent and try new games all at the same time. So many games so little time.

#238 Ankh 29 nov Robin
#233 Oath 22 nov Andy
#230 Ankh 19 okt Coldinu
#229 Ankh 13 okt Flundran
#228 Root 09 okt Andy
#227 Ankh 04 okt Robin
#226 Rocketmen 27 sep Flundran
#225 Root 20 sep Robin
#224 First Martians 06 sep Tied
#223 First Martians 30 aug Coop

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Our top ten!

1. Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy 9.00
2. Crisis 8.20
3. Dominion 7.80
4. Lifeform 7.80
5. Inis 7.70

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Top played games

1. Oceans 14
2. Crisis 9
3. Evolution 8
4. Thug Life 8
5. Dominion 7

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With black love from

Årsta ®Evolutionära Chilinötsällskap