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Årsta (R)Evolutionära Chilinötsällskap is a small game group located south of Stockholm in the fair Sweden. We are a happy group of five more ore less seasoned gamers that meet up weekly to have fun, play and eat nuts.

Last session!

Played at: 2021-10-19
Won by: Coldinu!
Messy game with the Pharao expansion. Andy got of to a quick start helped by the Pharao. While Fred and Coldinu battled in the north-west, Andy and Robin slugged it out to the east. Coldinue got a mighty foot hold in the north-west, the Nile delta, and raced away in points. By some strange battle manoeuvring Fred just barely avoided being merged and swept up to second place. In the end Coldinue won quite comfortable controlling the delta.

Fall League 2021!

We divide our playing time into some kind of seasons. This is to infuse our gaming with a touch of (mostly) friendly competition. The winner is usaly granted some bragging rights, a beer and uncountable unwarranted stabs in the back the following season. Good times!



We aim to keep track of what we play, when, how and who won. It#&39;s an effort to be consistent and try new games all at the same time. So many games so little time.

#230 Ankh 19 okt Coldinu
#229 Ankh 13 okt Flundran
#228 Root 09 okt Andy
#227 Ankh 04 okt Robin
#226 Rocketmen 27 sep Flundran
#225 Root 20 sep Robin
#224 First Martians 06 sep Tied
#223 First Martians 30 aug Coop
#222 Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition 29 aug Flundran playing solo
#221 Race for the Galaxy 23 aug Andy

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Our top ten!

1. Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy 9.00
2. Crisis 8.20
3. Inis 8.00
4. Dominion 7.80
5. Lifeform 7.80

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Top played games

1. Oceans 14
2. Crisis 9
3. Thug Life 8
4. Evolution 8
5. Evil Dead 2 7

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Årsta ®Evolutionära Chilinötsällskap