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Andy Niklas  Hedvig   Simon
Fred Niklas Simon

Årsta (R)Evolutionära Chilinötsällskap is a small game group located south of Stockholm in the fair Sweden. We are a happy group of five more ore less seasoned gamers that meet up weekly to have fun, play and eat nuts.

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Spring League 2023!

We divide our playing time into some kind of seasons. This is to infuse our gaming with a touch of (mostly) friendly competition. The winner is usaly granted some bragging rights, a beer and uncountable unwarranted stabs in the back the following season. Good times!



We aim to keep track of what we play, when, how and who won. It#&39;s an effort to be consistent and try new games all at the same time. So many games so little time.

#308 Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne 22 maj Coldinu
#306 Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 08 maj Robin
#305 Scareface 1920 24 apr Robin
#304 Space Alert 17 apr Players
#303 Scareface 1920 10 apr Coldinu
#302 Joraku 03 apr Robin
#301 Ur 03 apr Robin
#298 Illuminati 27 mar Robin
#297 Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy 19 mar Keno
#296 Yellow & Yangtze 07 mar Robin

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Our top five!

1. Crisis 8.20
2. Scareface 1920 8.00
3. Le Havre 7.70
4. One Small Step 7.70
5. Lifeform 7.60

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Top played games

1. Oceans 14
2. Crisis 9
3. Evolution 8
4. Thug Life 8
5. Dominion 7

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With black love from

Årsta ®Evolutionära Chilinötsällskap