Maharaja is a strategic board game set in India, where players take on the roles of architects competing to impress the Maharaja by traveling to different cities and building magnificent statues, palaces, and houses. The game is designed for 2-5 players and is known for its deep strategic elements, including route planning, resource management, and timing. Each turn, players choose their actions in secret, aiming to optimize their movement and construction plans while anticipating their opponents' moves. The key to success in "Maharaja" lies in efficiently managing one's resources and strategically deciding where and when to build. The game's dynamic changes with the Maharaja's movement, who visits a new city each turn, triggering scoring based on the structures built there. Victory in "Maharaja" is achieved by amassing the most prestige points, awarded for buildings constructed and for fulfilling various objectives. The game ends when a player builds their seventh palace or when the Maharaja completes his tour of all the cities. With its rich theme, intricate gameplay mechanics, and beautiful components, "Maharaja" offers a challenging and immersive experience, appealing to both casual and serious strategy game enthusiasts.

Designed by Wolfgang Kramer.

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