One Small Step!

Lead the United States or Soviet Union Space Agency in this engine building, worker placement, race for the moon Eurogame. Play on a team of one or two players where each player on a team controls either the Engineer Workers or the Administrator Workers for their team. Coordinate your actions with your teammate on each of your turns to either place an Engineer or Administrator Worker on board actions to gather the games 9 different resources, draft development cards, increase your media coverage, recruit astronauts, upgrade resources, develop your space flight capability, or spend resources to launch humanity’s first unmanned and manned Missions into space.

Designed by James DuMond.

Nut rating: 7.7 (4)
Bgg rating: 7.0
Played 3 times

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My hot take
Fun launch mechanism
Gorgeous clay tokens
Potential tricky multiplayer
Quite dry
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